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10 things the best PNMs do.


No one has quite figured out how “the system”  knows you better than you know yourself.  What we do know is, the system works. Love it or hate it, recruitment is a huge part of Greek Life. Whether this is your first time recruiting, or your glory days of singing as the doors open are finally here, no chapter wants a bad PC (pledge class). We’re here to help. Picking out the diamonds, the angels, the perfect Potential New Members (PNMs) for your house.

Here are the 10 things the best PNMs will do during recruitment.


As recruiters, you want to know that your PNMs are motivated not just in their personal goals, but in being a great asset to the chapter.


The best PNMS will ALWAYS be kind. A perfect PNM will want to be remembered as someone with a noteworthy personality, and if they aren’t great at conversing, their efforts in being kind and polite will shine through.


Yes, the GPA standard is important. However, it’s not a deal breaker. Get their leadership skills to shine through. Take notice of those with natural born leadership qualities. Even if they aren’t aware of them yet, your house could end up being the perfect place to polish up those skills!


In this day and age, it’s common to have some sort of volunteer experience. But even if a PNM doesn’t make that apparent, you still want to make it a point that giving back to the community is important to your chapter. Something along the lines of “I’m excited to share our chapter’s philanthropic mission with you today!”


Rush week is a PNMs time to shine. With that being said, the PNMS will  put their best foot forward.

Advice for the PNMS


We all are feeling tired, hot, and some may be voiceless by the middle of the week. But it’s important to stay positive and energetic. Look for the PNM that is still shining and has a smile on their face. As hard as it might get, your energy can seriously attract positive people throughout the houses. For recruiters, this effort is an indication that you are dedicated and interested in being a part of the chapter.

  1.   Confident/Willing

This leads us to our next point. We would never advise you to be braggy, but when the conversation is flowing, don’t be afraid to bring up your accomplishments. In the same breath, be willing to hear your recruiter out. Interrupting, or trying to say too much can come off as braggy.


Bottom line, if you want a positive experience with formal recruitment, you have to have a positive attitude.


Always be gracious, even in a house that may have been your bottom three. The girls in the chapter have worked hard to give you a good experience in their house. It’s just the polite thing to do.


We get it, the nerves can get to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare, Be honest when the nerves are kicking in. Odds are you will bring up a topic that keep the conversation going. Which trust us, recruiters will be thanking you for that.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Take it from the “prez” herself, Brooke Blumling is a junior at The University of Arizona and president of Alpha Chi Omega. “It is so important to be your true self. This is all about YOU and for YOU,” said Blumling.

President Blumling explained that trusting the process while upholding your personal values made her experience extremely rewarding.

So don’t worry, not all the pressure is on you or the PNMs. Love or hate it, recruitment is one of the most influential aspects of Sorority Life. It is an opportunity to work on yourself, as well as expanding to a larger audience in hopes of gaining the perfect new members.

Bloom wishes you the best of luck during formal recruitment!

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