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Sorority Stereotypes Crushed

Sorority Stereotypes Crushed


When it comes to Greek Life, the good outweighs the bad. So, how come we only hear about the bad? Think of Greek Life like this, an enormous pool of diversity and untapped connections and opportunities. If it wasn’t, Greek Life would be one single fraternity and sorority that excludes anyone that is different.


How many negative thoughts come to your mind when you hear the word sorority? Any movie scenes that pop into your head of half-naked girls partying, and being absent-minded ring a bell?


Well as much as the media affects our opinions on college and Greek Life. Don’t. Let. It.


Greek Life tends to get a lot of backlash; the media tends to focus on the scandals and dangers that surround it.

But we are here to crush that, to highlight the benefits and accomplishments of Greek Life everywhere.


What the media fails to mention is, “that sorority girl who ended up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning at a Frat Party” was also stressed about not being at home in a time of need, stressed about applying for medical school, worried about her financial aid going through, and all the other pressures all students feel going to college in America today.


What we should be mentioning in the news is the charities and range of progress sororities and fraternities ensure for many organizations. The high standards sorority women and fraternity men are held in order to be a part of the organization. And the discipline college students learn from being a part of something larger than just themselves and their education.


Here are some common stereotypes about sororities and Greek Life that need to be crushed.


Pictures below cited from 

Delta Gamma of Ohio State Project

“I am not Elle Woods or Chanel Oberlin but I am me and I am proud to be in a sorority”





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