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Trending Recruitment Outfits Of 2017!

Trending Recruitment Outfits of 2017!

Take a look at our inspiration for Formal Fall Recruitment 2017.

Ideas for Chapter’s “Set Days” and potential new members guide to rushing!


Depending just how formal your school handles fall recruitment, you want to be comfortable while looking your best.

Talk to your recruitment counselor or your Panhellenic for more regulations of what you can and can’t wear during rush!

Here in Arizona, recruitment month is HOT. You’re in the sun all day, talking to 3+ girls in multiple houses. The days are long, the nights are restless, but the process is worth it.

All week you want to look your best. Giving houses a reason to remember you isn’t all about your looks but, looking neat and put together can definitely boost your confidence to shine the brightest during recruitment.

       Your clothes don’t say everything about you, so just be yourself. This is only going to benefit you at the end of the process, this is week is about you, and for you, so make it worth your wild. And just a tip, save your best for last/preference day!



Trending Chapters

b8e27f55bc7854a15b62e68ff67739663673faae7aebfb3fa795184c1081ff544cf3efc402feb74b2647f20c2c8372ddc28ebc2bf17a2ed2844bb16550bd80bf  The time is finally here, recruitment. Recruitment videos, prep week, but most importantly, recruitment outfits.

The time is finally here, recruitment. Recruitment videos, prep week, but most importantly, recruitment outfits.

This is a serious matter when it comes to the greek community. We may be a community, but they way a house dresses during recruitment not only sticks a pin in PNMs minds but represents the type of house you are a part of.

“I didn’t notice the chapter’s outfits” – Said no PNM ever.

Let’s talk pants and skirts. We’ve got a lot to choose from. But if you’re picking outfits for recruitment in your chapter, envelope skirts, A-line “jean” material skirts, scalloped shorts, and white pants should all be a consideration.

Patterns & colors

Starting with a basic rule for 2017

If its chevron, ditch it.

Not to say some schools can totally rock it but for us west coasters. The stereotype of “Sorority girls in chevron letters” is dead.

Pastels, pastels, pastels – Recruitment week might as well be easter weekend this year; baby blues, pinks, and purples are all the rage.

Minimalistic is in, you don’t want to scare off an awesome PNM with your over the top outfits, but just like they want to impress you, you want to look for best for them.


Chokers, bangles, and rings oh my!

When you get to chatting with the right girl, she’s going to notice EVERY detail about you.

Chokers as we know, are popular and worn tastefully, can set your “similar outfit” to the house next door apart.

You never want to be distracting with your jewelry but a simple bangle or a chapter’s Alex and Ani never hurt anyone.

Same goes for rings, it may be trying too hard if you have 5 pound heavier hand due to excessive accessorizing, but a chapter’s special ring or tasteful thumb ring could do the trick.


Booties matter!

b0bdcd78c747846295208ce744e52921We will always rely on the classic nude pump that will probably be around for many more years of Greek Life to come. However, booties are making a big comeback. Thought of as informal before, new booties that rock a heel, and dress up an outfit are going to be seen all over greek row this year.

We hope you’re feeling inspired getting ready for this recruitment season!

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