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What NOT to say during recruitment -Told by GIFS

Ahhhh yes, the school year is ending, students are booking their summer plans, which really means… Fall Formal Recruitment is right. around. the. corner. Maybe this is your big summer before college, maybe this is your final or first year recruiting for your sorority. No matter the circumstance, PNM or recruiter, we all want this to run smoothly and ultimately find and welcome new greek members into the community. Here are some tips on what NOT to say during recruitment from both sides of the system.

For the PNM

The Three B’s

Boys. Booze. Bills 

No, you’re  not dropped if this gets brought up, but the Active’s face might look a little like this

“My mom is making me do this”

Even, if this is true, don’t tell the members that, they’ve worked hard to represent their chapter in the best way possible.

They’re  giving you their attention, so give them yours.

Chances are as a recruiter, you’re gonna hear this at least once, but just don’t give the PNM the reaction you really want too.

“I’m a legacy to a different house”

Even if you are a legacy, come into every house with an open mind, you might be related to your legacy relation

but you aren’t your legacy .

Don’t Lie

Recruitment week is for you to find your home. Lying is only cheating yourself out of the process, if you aren’t being yourself, the home you would feel best in may not see the game your playing.

For the Active member

Three B’s + 1

As an active, your older, more mature, and to a PNM already perfect. So please, no one, not even your sisters want to hear about how perfect you and your boyfriend are.

Politics & Religion

PNM: “So, are you guys a jewish sorority?”

PNM: “I hate Trump”



Learn to diverge from conversations, ask her a different question, bring up something great about your chapter accepting all girls, and encouraging diverse viewpoints.


Although social events are a part of greek life, it is not the main focus or goal any sorority.

So although you may be thinking this

You might wanna say this:


You don’t need to make it apparent to a PNM  that in this digital age, you have already done some research on them.

We are the Best house @ Everything.

How’s the food

How’s your philanthropy

How’s living in?

Negative Topics

Whether this is your first or last time recruiting for your chapter, you want to make honest connections with girls that you think may or may not belong in your chapter.

Honesty is truly the best policy, so let’s just make this week easier on everyone with these tips.




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