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Why Greek life prepares you for a job!

Sorority women: bright, ambitious, driven, and experienced. They have participated in, organized, and executed multiple philanthropy events, formals, and recruitments. There’s not much in the professional world that a sorority woman cannot handle. Beneath the catchy songs and lively recruitment videos, sorority women possess practical skills that any employer would find valuable. Between communicating with large groups of people, decorating ballrooms, and choreographing dance numbers, women in the Greek system are capable, organized, efficient, and – most importantly – full of enthusiasm. Not only that, but Greek women belong to organizations full of diverse personalities, backgrounds, and beliefs. So learning to work with different types of people to accomplish a common task simply comes with the territory.

During my time in a sorority I have learned how to communicate better, maximize results, and channel passion into every project I take on. Additionally, I have had to confront conflict resolution as well as problem solve on a daily basis. Sorority life has afforded me the opportunity to develop relationships with women I potentially never would have met.  Together, we have stayed up late making banners, and posters. We’ve spent countless hours brainstorming and planning ways to contribute to our local community; and we’ve planned whole weekends dedicated to recruiting new, equally enthusiastic women to carry on what we have built.

Needless to say, sorority women certainly have an edge walking into a job interview.


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